The Advanced SaaS Solution for Corporate Real Estate Groups.

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Onefin is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that has been specifically designed to meet the financial needs of corporate real estate groups seeking trustworthy and transparent financial solutions. Our visual identity concept revolves around the combination of human aspects of finance with data. The symbol's circle and square represent holistic and structured data, respectively, providing a consistent and streamlined perspective on financial data for a seamless and unified user experience. Our color palette revolves around green, which symbolizes growth and prosperity, and purple, which represents reflection and creativity. By incorporating these colors into our branding, we aim to convey a message of long-term stability, innovation, and sustainable development. We believe that a custom typeface can add uniqueness and functionality to the brand, while advanced features and user-friendly navigation can streamline financial operations and enhance the overall user experience.

According to the psychology of colors, the color green symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and prosperity. When combined with the color purple, which represents reflection, creativity, and deep thought, the resulting color palette creates a sense of calmness and introspection.

5 Onefin Colour Palette

4 Onefin Logotype Construction

All color combination undergo testing for contrast ratios to guarantee compliance with accessibility guidelines for individuals with visual impairments.

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10 Onefin-posters

7 Onefin layout system

11 Onefin SoMe squares

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13 Onefin signage

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Onefin derives its name from the unification of the words "ONE" and "FINANCE" with the aim of creating a product that does just that - unify all financial data under one platform. The platform's intuitive design, with a focus on the product and easy navigation, ensures that users can easily access all the features with ease.

15 Onefin Site Desktop

16 Onefin SIte Desktop

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