Democratizing environmental impact data.

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In connection to New York Climate Week 2022, we worked alongside Doconomy, to launch Doconomy, founded in Sweden in 2018, is the market leader in providing digital solutions to help individuals and corporations reduce environmental impact. The 2030 Forecast is an innovative tool – a first-of-its-kind climate literacy project that will give the public an estimate of weekly carbon emissions generated in the US. Gärde Design were responsible for designing and building the website thus contributing to creating a platform to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable world.

It had a massive launch during New York Climate week autumn of 2022 with billboards at Times Square. Our work was implemented autumn 2022.

2 Doconomy Mobile

3 Doconomy Desktop

5 Doconomy Outdoor

6 Doconomy Billboard

7 Doconomy Start Particles

The 2030 Forecast uses satellite images and other data sources to analyse greenhouse gas emissions provided by their partner, Kayrros.

4 Doconomy Animation Mobile

8 Doconomy Digital Identity

1 Doconomy Desktop Animation