Our services are divided into two distinct realms: Creative and Production.

Having traversed the realms of both corporate giants and budding startups, we deeply understand the pivotal role design thinking plays in fostering business growth.

Recognizing the integral link between branding and implementation, we've assembled a dedicated team of experts in both domains. This synergy enables us to provide a cohesive and holistic design process, empowering companies to flourish as they aspire and deserve.

If you're looking to rebrand or seek something new and innovative, our Package deals under Creative solutions are the way to go. If you need to refine designs, implement a visual identity, or require an experienced designer for a new website or communication materials, our Membership solutions under Production Solutions are the perfect choice.

Our Expertise

Our range of expertise encompasses brand identity, user experience, packaging design, content creation, photography, web design, and more. When clients choose to partner with Gärde Design, they can rest assured that their brand's design requirements are in capable hands.

We are committed to shaping the world through meticulously crafted and strategic design solutions, instilling confidence in our clients every step of the way.

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The ABC of Branding

Redefining or establishing a visual identity for a startup follows a straightforward process, which we refer to as the ABC of Branding.

In this initial phase (Phase A), our team collaborates closely, employing a seamless workflow to craft captivating Visual Identities for our clients. Due to the creative and collaborative nature of this phase, it's not included in our membership model. Instead, we offer a fixed price for delivery within five weeks.

Once your new visual identity design is approved, the Visual Identity Project concludes. At this point, we provide you with a basic design manual to guide your further steps (Phase B). Alternatively, you can seamlessly transition to the Implementation phase (Phase C) through our memberships program, where all desired applications are developed and produced. We assist you in determining the most suitable membership level based on factors like company size, budget, and implementation speed, ensuring alignment with your needs and objectives.

A. Creative Phase

Visual Identity Package

B. Design System

Visual Identity Package

C. Implementation

Membership Phase