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We crafted an extensive design system for our client Billo encompassing animated illustrations, a custom typeface, website design, and product design.

Our role as lead designers for front-end and app development involved working on UX/UI and design for upcoming products and features. As part of this collaboration, we introduced our custom typeface, GD Ohio, which we adapted as "Billo Sans" for all touchpoints.

12 Billo Components

11 Billo App Screens

9 Billo Site Desktop

13 Billo Site Desktop

2 Billo App Home Profile

7 Billo App Payment Done

10 Billo Icons Animations

3 Billo Illustration Scan

8 Billo App Batch Payment

1 Billo App Payment Mockup

6 Billo Hero App Home Screen

5 Billo Illustration Invoices

4 Billo Illustration Physical Post