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Bas Invest is a privately owned investment company that helps a select few businesses take decisive steps towards realizing their full potential. With a long-standing experience and strong track record, they build on what companies are already doing well to contribute to faster development and long-term value creation.

Bas Invest takes an objective and functional approach to value creation, disregarding subjective and ideological beliefs regardless of the industry. The visual identity reflects this through asymmetric typography, creating a calm and strong visual identity. The branding uses a generic, minimalist, and functional design language, centered around GD Gaio typography. A black and white color scheme with a hint of accent orange is used to convey simplicity and sophistication. Additionally, information graphics are utilized to convey complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. This overall design language reinforces Bas Invest's commitment to objective and functional approaches to value creation.

4 Bas Invest Mobile

5 Bas Invest Mobile

6 Bas Invest Mobile

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11 Bas Invest Stationary

1 Bas Invest Site Desktop

10 Bas Invest Tape Mockup

3 Bas Invest Site Desktop

7 Bas Invest Site Desktop

By duplicating and rotating the "I" in Invest, we have created a simple word mark that symbolizes addition, represented by the plus sign (+). This communicates that Bas adds value (+) to their companies in the simplest form.

2 Bas Invest Hero Animation

9 Bas Invest Business Cards

12 Bas Invest Reports Mockup

8 Bas Invest Digital Identity