Padel on another level.

Visual Identity




ASCARO is the elevated padel experience, combining high end downtown courts with their a Padel clothing & accessories brand. ASCAROS’s vision is to create the world's most spectacular paddle facilities, starting with a collaboration with Sweden's most prominent department store, Nordiska Kompaniet. For that reason, GärdeDesign has developed a visual identity for the brand that manifests a premium position as well as high adaptability. The design draws inspiration from the padel ball, the four players, the geometric shape of the court and the unique rules that sustain the sport of Padel. Based on the proportions of the court, a new typeface, GD Padel, was created and is the foundation of the logotype and typographic expression.

Photography by Rikard Lilja.

9 Ascaro Lookbook Model

10 Ascaro Lookbook

12 Ascaro Lookbook Model

12 Ascaro Lookbook

14 Ascaro Lookbook

15 Ascaro Lookbook Model

16 Ascaro Lookbook Model

8 Ascaro SoMe Video

1 Ascaro Book Mockup

11 Ascaro Outdoor Screens

4 Ascaro Costmetics mockup

2 Ascaro Contruction Typeface

6 Ascaro Typeface Construction

7 Ascaro Typeface Construction

3 Ascaro Construction typeface Symbol

4 Ascaro Construction Typeface Players

17 Ascaro Lookbook

18 Ascaro Lookbook