Press Release


Strategic partnership between Katalysen Ventures and Gärde Design: a game-changer for start-ups and Nordic craftsmanship.

Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) ("Katalysen Ventures") and G Design AB ("Gärde Design") are excited to announce a strategic partnership focused on empowering start-ups to integrate brand building and design into their business strategies from the earliest stages of their growth journeys.

This collaboration is the result of both companies' dedication to the crucial early-stage innovation sector and their shared mission to make game-changing expertise and experience more accessible to early-stage start-ups. The combination of Katalysen Ventures' venture development expertise with Gärde Design's five decades of collective experience in creating strong brand identities is expected to have a significant and positive impact on the Nordic start-up ecosystem, and is hoped to inspire other similar partnerships between Nordic start-ups and Nordic world-class craftsmanship. Tobias Mathiasen, COO at Katalysen Ventures, explained the significance of this partnership, saying,"We have a rich tradition of fine craftsmanship in the Nordics, and Gärde Design exemplifies the world-class design know-how and artistry available in Stockholm. Through this partnership, Gärde Design and Katalysen Ventures have created a model that caters to cash-poor but idea-rich start-ups. We both recognize the immense long-term value of this segment. In a world where more will be expected from fewer individuals, largely due to difficult-to-halt demographic trends, supporting the success of high-quality, early-stage ideas becomes increasingly important.”

Early-stage companies often struggle to establish strong brand identities that resonate with their target audiences and the products they offer. This not only hampers sales, but it also makes it more difficult for start-ups to attract appropriate talent and investors. With a track record of comprehensive rebranding projects in the Nordics, including recent clients such as Ark Kapital and Billo, Gärde Design knows how to create compelling visual narratives and visual identities that help companies stand out in the market. This lays the foundation for building brand awareness right from the start. Tobias Mathiasen, COO at Katalysen Ventures, continued: “Interestingly, fine craftsmanship often resides in models that are challenging to scale. Venture development offers a way to transform traditional consultant-client models into something more scalable: by exchanging expertise and experience for shares in scalable start-ups, the consultant’s business model also becomes long-term scalable through smart investments. This same model also means that deep expertise and experience finally becomes unlocked and affordable for start-ups. Helping to establish this startup-craftsmanship bridge is in-line with our long-term mission to ensure that more quality ideas thrive in early-stages.

"Through this collaboration with Katalysen Ventures, Gärde Design expands its reach to more early-stage companies, and with a model adapted to early-stage circumstances. Simultaneously, Katalysen Ventures’ portfolio companies gain access to Gärde Design's services, which can improve and expedite their brand efforts. This support enhances the portfolio companies' growth and strengthens their positions in the market, fostering the creation of solid brand images and compelling narratives that resonate with customers, talent, and investors alike.